Francis Paraan | Alumni Advisees

MS Physics

  1. Oliver Generalao (Midyear 2017)

    The acceleration of PWscf package in Quantum ESPRESSO using commodity GPUs

  2. Jan Philippe Sambo (2nd Sem 2016-2017)

    Dynamical quantum phase transitions in the ground-state quenched XY model

  3. Jan Fronimarc Viloria (2nd Sem 2016-2017)

    Determination of the mechanical properties of copper-silver alloy using molecular dynamics simulations

  4. Jade Dianne Mendoza (1st Sem 2016-2017)

    Entanglement and fluctuations in the Majumdar-Ghosh model using matrix product states representation

  5. Aura Mae Villaruel (1st Sem 2015-2016)

    Polarization fluctuation as an entanglement measure for N-level systems

  6. Rona Barbarona (2nd Sem 2014-2015)

    Spin-orbit entanglement entropy in a two-dimensional electron system with Rashba interactions

  7. Francis Bayocboc, Jr. (2nd Sem 2014-2015)

    Work fluctuation and irreversible entropy in a quenched XY Heisenberg magnet

BS Applied Physics (Instrumentation)

  1. Robertson Esperanza (2nd Sem 2016-2017)

    Ground state correlations and entanglement in an extended Hubbard model with Ising-like interaction

  2. Zed Harold Fernandez (2nd Sem 2016-2017)

    Molecular dynamics simulation of glass formation in a copper-silver system

  3. Apolinario Miguel Tan (2nd Sem 2016-2017)

    Computational fluid dynamics study of gas particle movement inside various chemical vapor deposition chamber geometries

  4. Ryan Carlos Tabernilla (1st Sem 2016-2017)

    Parallelized calculation of bond percolation threshold of a 2D Kagome lattice using Monte Carlo methods

  5. John Kevin Sanchez (1st Sem 2015-2016)

    Parallel simulations of Wolff Monte Carlo algorithm in a 2D Ising model on a kagome lattice

  6. Robert Tacbad (1st Sem 2015-2016)

    Parallel calculation of the largest Lyapunov exponent from time series

  7. Xavier Puspus (2nd Sem 2014-2015)

    Quantum entanglement in a spin-partitioned BCS ground state

BS Physics

  1. Nicholas Colina (2nd Sem 2016-2017)

    Eigenspectra preservation and orthogonal weight matrix initialization in deep neural network models

  2. Rafael dela Rosa (2nd Sem 2015-2016)

    Entanglement and coherence in polaron ansätze for a spin-boson model

  3. Joshua Gregor Dizon (2nd Sem 2015-2016)

    Developing and benchmarking a high-performance computing cluster for computational physics

  4. Salvador Laurente, Jr. (2nd Sem 2015-2016)

    Average work done during a quench of the ground state of the quantum Ising model

  5. King Karl Seroje (2nd Sem 2014-2015)

    Mode entanglement in bosonic systems: coherent states, squeezed states, displaced squeezed states, and squeezed coherent states