Summer and Midyear Interns 2015

In the summer of 2015, Nathalie Liezel Rojas (BS Physics, University of Northern Philippines) interned at SanD under the DOST Summer Practical Training Program. During her training she performed numerical studies of some coupled differential equations. Nathalie also provided valuable assistance to the Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas during its 2015 Physics Congress, which was hosted by the University of Northern Philippines.

Due to the new UP academic calendar, the NIP-PSHS Science Internship Program (SIP) was rescheduled to the midyear term. In 2015 SanD trained PSHS students Hillary Diane Andales (Eastern Visayas), John Althani Famador (Central Visayas), and Justine Che Romero (Bicol Region) to use symbolic algebra software and MPI parallelization directives. Their work on Mandelbrot set fractals, cellular automata, Doppler shifts, numerical integration, and small prime number searches was presented in a poster session that culminated SIP 2015.