SanD Interns 2019

National Institute of Physics undergraduate students Joanne Mae Adelino, Sheenah Ancheta, Marc Jason Bunagan, and Jacob Gomez participated as SanD interns for the DOST SEI Summer Practical Training Program in the Midyear term of 2019. During their internship they worked on their undergraduate research projects and help facilitate the Science Immersion Program for high school students.

Five students from the Philippine Science High School joined this year's Science Immersion Program at SanD. Jamme Omar Biscocho (CALABARZON), Dominic Angelo Briones (Central Mindanao), Chiara Jo Mari Cimeni (Central Mindanao), Erdel Jerimiah Garcia (Central Visayas), and Mohammad Azzam Rakin Macumbal (Central Mindanao) attended lectures on calculus, Github, LaTeX, and basic programming in Fortran, Mathematica, and R. They used these skills to study a stick-and-slip model for earthquake fault systems. Each of them presented their work in a poster session, where Jamme Biscocho won 5th place for the Best Poster award.

SanD Interns 2018

Six university students joined SanD as interns in the midyear term of 2018. Patricia Anne Sevilla (Philippine Normal University) reviewed symbolic algebra systems, while King Philip Annaguey (University of Northern Philippines) and Jeannibeb Sotto (Central Mindanao University) learned how to use version control systems and molecular dynamics simulation software. All three also performed data entry for scientific abstract and article databases. Three more SanD students, Kryzz Joshua de Leon, Dean Von Johari Narag, and Celso Villano, Jr., also participated in this internship practicum by completing their undergraduate research projects and assisting SanD with its high school immersion program.

Additionally, three Philippine Science High School students took part in this year's Science Immersion Program at SanD. Tomy Rose Dancel (Central Mindanao), Dave Angelo Jimenez (Western Visayas), and Gavril Aiman Pampanga (Eastern Visayas) attended elementary calculus lectures and learned basic programming in R, Python, Fortran, and Mathematica. They applied these skills to study chaos, fractals, and heat diffusion. 

Summer and Midyear Interns 2017

In the early part of summer 2017 Val Marc Roger Jagmis of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines was accepted as an intern of SanD. His training involved the operation of the molecular dynamics simulation software LAMMPS and data parsing. Later, DOST-SEI scholars Samuel Augustus Toledo of Central Mindanao University and Lemuel Tabutol of University of Northern Philippines entered the internship program.  They learned how to write numerical integrators in Fortran to solve differential equations encountered in chaos theory.

SanD also worked with six PSHS scholars for the 2017 PSHS-NIP Summer Immersion Program: Reanna Ayn Lachica (SOCCSKSARGEN), John Lian Mar Catli (Cagayan Valley), Ramon Alexander Fantilagan (Diliman), Ivan Richmond Jumawan (Central Mindanao), Joaquin Salvador (Diliman), and Ann Therese Sobretodo (Western Visayas). They were taught calculus and other analytic methods needed to study the chaotic behavior of logistic maps and Lorenz attractors.

Summer and Midyear Interns 2016

In 2016 SanD hosted several OJT interns from across the Philippines. Lloyd Francis Co, John Joseph Solo, and Allan Jay Pariñas of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines completed their training in the early part of summer. They performed GPU-accelerated Monte Carlo simulations of metals and alloys and each co-authored a conference paper for SPP 2016. Meanwhile, DOST-SEI scholar Maria Johanna Rivera from the University of Northern Philippines learned how to implement several computational algorithms in Fortran as part of her Summer Practicum Training Program. Finally, at the end of the midyear term, Prudence Peace Bustamante of the MSU Iligan Institute of Technology utilized density functional theory techniques to visualize the spatial distribution of electrons in organic polymer compounds.

For the 2016 PSHS-NIP Summer Immersion Program, SanD worked with four PSHS scholars: John Paolo Lumanlan (Cagayan Valley), Gene Ludger Roberto (Cagayan Valley), Jano Peria (Southern Mindanao), and Isaiah Jassen Tupal (Diliman). During their stay in SanD, these high school students learned how to numerically solve ordinary differential equations and evaluate integrals. They also used symbolic computer software to simulate chaotic maps and projectile motion in viscous media.

Summer and Midyear Interns 2015

In the summer of 2015, Nathalie Liezel Rojas (BS Physics, University of Northern Philippines) interned at SanD under the DOST Summer Practical Training Program. During her training she performed numerical studies of some coupled differential equations. Nathalie also provided valuable assistance to the Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas during its 2015 Physics Congress, which was hosted by the University of Northern Philippines.

Due to the new UP academic calendar, the NIP-PSHS Science Internship Program (SIP) was rescheduled to the midyear term. In 2015 SanD trained PSHS students Hillary Diane Andales (Eastern Visayas), John Althani Famador (Central Visayas), and Justine Che Romero (Bicol Region) to use symbolic algebra software and MPI parallelization directives. Their work on Mandelbrot set fractals, cellular automata, Doppler shifts, numerical integration, and small prime number searches was presented in a poster session that culminated SIP 2015.

Summer Interns 2014

Meg Dizon and Julia Jumalon from PSHS Central Visayas Campus and Maikee Lagasca and Cleo Vibas from PSHS Central Mindanao Campus participated in the 2014 SSIP program as SanD interns. During their three week immersion training in SanD, they developed interactive visualizations of root-finding and numerical integration techniques. Using advanced computing software, they obtained the temperature-dependent magnetization of a classical Ising magnet in the mean-field approximation and programmed numerical integration routines.

UP Manila BS Applied Physics students Shannen Andrade and Krishna Godino also joined SanD as summer trainees Shannen and Krishna learned to use computational software for image processing tasks. Due to their background as health physics students, they worked on programming user-friendly interfaces that allow researchers to identify and count cells and bacterial colonies in digital micrographs. They also produced SanD's tribute video that celebrates the 50th anniversary of ICTP.

Summer Interns 2013

SanD members mentored three Philippine Science High School students for the 2013 Summer Science Internship Program. Working in an open-source environment, Ronnel Austria (Bicol Region), Gerlito Chagas (Eastern Visayas), and John Caleb Roxas (Central Luzon) learned Fortran and the fundamentals of computational programming. They also participated in the candidacy and colloquium presentations of SanD graduate students to introduce them to the nature and conduct of scientific presentations.

Gene Itable, a senior BS Physics student of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, also participated in SanD's summer training program. During his internship under Cristine Villagonzalo, he performed Monte Carlo simulations to study the effects of geometric frustration in Ising spin models. Gene is now an alumnus of SanD, having obtained his MS Physics degree in 2016.

Summer Interns 2012

Three PSHS students Mario Guliman (Cagayan Valley Campus), Marianne Allison Lee (Eastern Visayas Campus), and Celes Emilio Sia (Eastern Visayas Campus) were members of the first batch of SanD SSIP interns in 2012. After learning the basics of Fortran programming, they compared the performance of several numerical integration schemes on some one-dimensional integrals. In their final presentation, they demonstrated the efficiency and accuracy of Gaussian quadratures against finite difference schemes for certain numerical problems.

After graduating from high school in March 2013, all three enrolled in science degree programs at leading universities.