Yang-Baxter Integrability in 2d Classical and 1d Quantum Models

This will be a gentle introduction to Yang-Baxter methods for the exact solution of 2d classical lattice models and their associated 1d quantum Hamiltonians. The emphasis will be on using local algebraic relations to establish commutation of transfer matrices. The exact solution of the spectra is then achieved by solving functional equations. Although there will not be time to discuss details in this talk, these methods can be applied to (i) spin and height models such as the Ising model and hard hexagon models, (ii) vertex models such as the 6- and 8-vertex models and associated Heisenberg and XYZ quantum chains and (iii) models with non-local interactions including dimers and percolation.

Paul Pearce
University of Melbourne
20 Dec 2017
Start Time: 
2:00 PM
End Time: 
3:00 PM