SanD student earns bronze poster award at AQIS 2015

Graduate students Neris Ilano and Aura Villaruel attended the 15th Asian Quantum Information Science Conference (AQIS2015) at the Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) last 24-30 August 2015. This is the second AQIS Conference attended by SanD researchers. In the poster sessions, Neris presented her research on optimizing a damped quantum search algorithm while Aura shared her results on using polarization fluctuations as an entanglement measure. Tutorial sessions and talks were given on quantum complexity, spin resonance spectroscopy and imaging, quantum correlations, superconducting quantum computers, and other advances in the field of quantum information. In the awarding ceremony on the last day of the conference, Neris earned a bronze award as one of the best poster presenters.

Neris's participation was supported by the UP System Grant ECWRG-2014-12 and Aura's by the DOST-SEI ASTHRDP Student Research Support Fund.