Thermoelectric transport properties in disordered systems near the Anderson transition



We study the thermoelectric transport properties in the three-dimensional Anderson model of localization near the metal-insulator transition (MIT). In particular, we investigate the dependence of the thermoelectric power S, the thermal conductivity K, and the Lorenz number L0 on temperature T. We first calculate the T dependence of the chemical potential μ from the number density n of electrons at the MIT using an averaged density of states obtained by diagonalization. Without any additional approximation, we determine from the behavior of S, K and L0 at low T as the MIT is approached. We find that the d.c. conductivity and K decrease to zero at the MIT as T -> 0 and show that S does not diverge. Both S and L0 become temperature independent at the MIT and depend only on the critical behavior of the conductivity.


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