Quenching of the DOS beats in a two-dimensional electron gas in tilted magnetic fields



A two-dimensional electron gas exposed to a tilted magnetic field is considered with the Rashba spin–orbit interaction and the Zeeman effect. An exact solution for the eigenvalues was obtained assuming that two opposite spin states of adjacent Landau levels have equal probability. No crossings between adjacent eigenenergies were observed, for the tilt angles studied here (θ≤80°), unlike in the perpendicular-magnetic-field case. The absence of crossings leads to quenched beating structures in the oscillations of the density of states (DOS). Persistent spin-splittings were observed at the weak magnetic field region. The splittings, however, can be effectively screened by an increased Landau level broadening. The results shed light on how spins can be controlled through the Rashba interaction strength, the disorder-related broadening and the magnetic field tilt angle.


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