Spin-orbit coupled transport in a curved quantum wire



We study the interplay of both Rashba and Dresselhaus spin–orbit couplings (SOCs) and a uniform perpendicular magnetic field B on the transport of a spin-polarized electron along a curved quantum wire. Eigenenergies and eigenfunctions of the system were analytically solved in the presence of both SOCs for a confinement radius R. From the transmission coefficients, the spin transport properties such as spin polarization, probability current density and spin conductance were computed numerically to determine their dependence on the SOCs, B and R. We find the condition for B that if it is beyond R1/3, no spin reversal will occur. Our results show that for a sufficiently large SOC strength, regardless of its inversion asymmetry origin, the effect of the external magnetic field is reduced. Finding the optimal effective SOC strength is essential in achieving suitable magneto-transport properties for possible spintronic device applications.


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