Francis Paraan


Francis' research interests in condensed matter physics and statistical physics include entanglement in many-body systems and parallel computing. In particular, he is interested in the relationship between entanglement entropy and the entropy of effective thermal models. He is also working with his students to develop low-cost high-performance computing capabilities in a heterogeneous cluster for small- and medium-scale numerical tasks.

He joined SanD in 2012 and was its program coordinator from 2013-2017 and 2023 up to the present.

Teaching (Sem 1 AY 2023-2024)

Physics 151 Statistical Physics 1
Physics 170 Condensed Matter
Applied Physics 199
Physics 199
Applied Physics 200


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Accomplished grants

UP System OVPAA Enhance Creative Work and Research Grant ECWRG 2018-1-009, Computational and theoretical studies of small molecule binding on nanoclusters and surfaces
UP Diliman
OVCRD PhD Incentive Award PhDIA Project No. 161614Quenches in solvable spin-chain models: Effective Thermodynamics (Year 2)
UP Diliman OVCRD PhD Incentive Award PhDIA Project No. 141420Quenches in solvable spin-chain models
UP System OVPAA Balik PhD Grant OVPAA-BPhD-2012-05Quantum entanglement in low-dimensional systems: quantum spin chains and continuum systems


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