SanD PhD student supported by OFID Postgraduate Fellowship

SanD member Alexandra Santos-Putungan (Materials Science and Engineering Program) is one of 15 doctoral students supported by an OFID Postgraduate Fellowship operating within the Sandwich Training Educational Programme (STEP) of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP). Alex is the first ICTP-OFID supported STEP fellow from the Philippines and she recently completed her first ICTP visit from 16 February to 15 July 2016. Her current research involves the use of computational ab initio methods to study the physics of atomic clusters.

The program aims to strengthen the scientific and technical capabilities of young researchers and their home countries by providing them with opportunities to engage with ICTP scientists within their respective fields of interest. The ICTP-OFID STEP training program provides funding for young scientists to stay in ICTP for periods of three to six months within the program duration of three years.

Photo credit: OFID Fellowship Launch by PIO ICTP (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)