SanD Interns 2018

Six university students joined SanD as interns in the midyear term of 2018. Patricia Anne Sevilla (Philippine Normal University) reviewed symbolic algebra systems, while King Philip Annaguey (University of Northern Philippines) and Jeannibeb Sotto (Central Mindanao University) learned how to use version control systems and molecular dynamics simulation software. All three also performed data entry for scientific abstract and article databases. Three more SanD students, Kryzz Joshua de Leon, Dean Von Johari Narag, and Celso Villano, Jr., also participated in this internship practicum by completing their undergraduate research projects and assisting SanD with its high school immersion program.

Additionally, three Philippine Science High School students took part in this year's Science Immersion Program at SanD. Tomy Rose Dancel (Central Mindanao), Dave Angelo Jimenez (Western Visayas), and Gavril Aiman Pampanga (Eastern Visayas) attended elementary calculus lectures and learned basic programming in R, Python, Fortran, and Mathematica. They applied these skills to study chaos, fractals, and heat diffusion.