SanD Interns 2019

National Institute of Physics undergraduate students Joanne Mae Adelino, Sheenah Ancheta, Marc Jason Bunagan, and Jacob Gomez participated as SanD interns for the DOST SEI Summer Practical Training Program in the Midyear term of 2019. During their internship they worked on their undergraduate research projects and help facilitate the Science Immersion Program for high school students.

Five students from the Philippine Science High School joined this year's Science Immersion Program at SanD. Jamme Omar Biscocho (CALABARZON), Dominic Angelo Briones (Central Mindanao), Chiara Jo Mari Cimeni (Central Mindanao), Erdel Jerimiah Garcia (Central Visayas), and Mohammad Azzam Rakin Macumbal (Central Mindanao) attended lectures on calculus, Github, LaTeX, and basic programming in Fortran, Mathematica, and R. They used these skills to study a stick-and-slip model for earthquake fault systems. Each of them presented their work in a poster session, where Jamme Biscocho won 5th place for the Best Poster award.