Summer and Midyear Interns 2016

In 2016 SanD hosted several OJT interns from across the Philippines. Lloyd Francis Co, John Joseph Solo, and Allan Jay Pariñas of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines completed their training in the early part of summer. They performed GPU-accelerated Monte Carlo simulations of metals and alloys and each co-authored a conference paper for SPP 2016. Meanwhile, DOST-SEI scholar Maria Johanna Rivera from the University of Northern Philippines learned how to implement several computational algorithms in Fortran as part of her Summer Practicum Training Program. Finally, at the end of the midyear term, Prudence Peace Bustamante of the MSU Iligan Institute of Technology utilized density functional theory techniques to visualize the spatial distribution of electrons in organic polymer compounds.

For the 2016 PSHS-NIP Summer Immersion Program, SanD worked with four PSHS scholars: John Paolo Lumanlan (Cagayan Valley), Gene Ludger Roberto (Cagayan Valley), Jano Peria (Southern Mindanao), and Isaiah Jassen Tupal (Diliman). During their stay in SanD, these high school students learned how to numerically solve ordinary differential equations and evaluate integrals. They also used symbolic computer software to simulate chaotic maps and projectile motion in viscous media.