Ronald Banzon

Associate Professor

Ronald's research interests include: (1) studies on population dynamics via the Penna model, a bit-string model to account for the influence of aging/inheritance of genes and possible mutations, (2) molecular dynamics through formation of composite particles, (3) percolation, (4) quantum well states modeling, and (5) the investigation of circular polymers in solution for the possible conformations that they may exhibit as those found in supercoiled plasmid DNA.

He has been involved in the study of small angle x-ray scattering of plasmid DNA.

Ronald has served as the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of UP Diliman from 2011 to 2014. 

Teaching (Sem 1 AY 2017-2018)

Physics 102 Fundamental physics II
Physics 151 Statistical physics I
Physics 199 Undergraduate research
Physics 205 Foundations of statistical physics


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