SanD student presents work at ESPMI9 Conference

Materials Science and Engineering masters student Meltion Chiong III was one of the poster presenters in the 9th Electronic Structure and Processes at Molecular-based Interfaces (ESPMI9) Coneference held last 8-10 November 2017 at the National University of Singapore. His research employs density functional theory to describe the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide by the metalloorganic molecule cobalt-salen. The conference was jointly organized by the the Department of Chemistry and Department of Physics of the National University of Singapore. The conference was devoted to frontier topics in the field of molecular and contact interfaces, charge transport, morphology, and the spectroscopy of organic semiconductors, perovskite photovoltaic cells, and two-dimensional materials.

PhD student attends ACCMS-9 Conference in Kuala Lumpur

SanD graduate student Alexandra Santos-Putungan participated in the 9th Conference of the Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science (ACCMS-9) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last 8-11 August 2017. Alex presented a research poster highlighting her studies on first-principles simulations of carbon monoxide bonding on boron atomic clusters. The ACCMS was organized to promote research and development among scientists in the region who work on computational studies of novel and advanced materials.

Student completes Summer School in Physics and Laser Engineering

Graduate student Meliton Chiong III completed the 2017 ILE-NIP Summer School in Physics and Laser Engineering held last 24-30 July 2017 at the Institute of Laser Engineering (ILE) of Osaka University in Japan. The summer school is a seven-day program and the participants attended several lectures on laser technologies and nuclear fusion. The program also included a two-day laboratory immersion experience in which the students were accommodated at one of the ILE Research Groups on Laser Advanced Materials, Laser Plasma Radiation, Target Materials, and Theory for Laser Plasma.

PhD student attends Adiabatic Quantum Computing Conference

SanD PhD student Neris Sombillo presented her research at the 6th Adiabatic Quantum Computing Conference (AQC 2017) held in Tokyo, Japan last 26-29 June 2017. This is the first time that the AQC conference was held in Asia. The conference attracts researchers who work on the frontiers of adiabatic quantum computation and quantum annealing and this year's key panelists include Seth Lloyd, Daniel Lidar, Edward Farhi, Helmut Katzgraber, Norio Murakami, Hartmut Neven, and Paul Warburton. Several companies that do research and development in quantum computing such as D-Wave, Google, and NASA also participated in the conference. In the conference poster session Neris presented her dissertation research on the simulation of fixed-point quantum searches in an Ising spin system.

Students attend Women Who Code Manila talks

Last 25 June 2017 SanD students Cleofe Ayang-ang, Paul Ang, and Ian Felismino attended the first event of the "How To Be You Po?" series of talks organized by Women Who Code Manila at the National Museum Planetarium. The series invites women from the science and technology industry to share their experiences and success stories to inspire others to pursue careers in science and technology. This first iteration of the series celebrates women who work in the space sciences and keynote talks were given by data scientist and astrophysicist Reinabelle Reyes and Diwata microsatellite engineer Kaye Verjel.
Photo credit: Reno Cerbolles 2017.

SanD caps midyear with successful SPP conference

SanD members presented a total of 18 papers covering several topics in theoretical and computational physics at the 35th Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas Physics Conference held in Cebu City last 6-10 June 2017. A total of 154 contributed papers and 15 invited talks were presented at the conference, which was attended by participants from ten countries including the Philippines. SanD hosted four invited speakers, Constantinos Constantinou, Manas Kulkarni, Shawn Pollard, and Raul Santos. SanD physicists Cristine Villagonzalo and Francis Paraan played important organizational roles as the SPP President and Secretary General, respectively. SanD alumnae Karla Belisario-Rivero and Marienette Vega also contributed much to the success of SPP 2017 as members of the Conference Secretariat.

SanD scholars present research at International DOST conference

DOST-SEI Director Josette Biyo and DOST-ASTHRDP scholars from the NIP SanD and Theoretical Physics research groups.

SanD DOST-ASTHRDP scholars Jan Philippe Sambo and Raymart Jay Canoy presented their work at the 2nd International Science Graduate Scholars' Conference at the PICC last 24-25 May 2017. This annual conference is organized by the Department of Science and Technology Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) to provide a venue for its scholars to share their thesis and dissertation research with other scholars, business and industry partners, and other stakeholders of the Accelerated Science and Technology Human Resource Development Program (ASTHRDP). In the conference poster session Jan presented his results on the time evolution of correlation functions in the ground state of a quenched XY model spin chain and Raymart presented his calculations of block purity in Kitaev chains with long-range interactions.

SanD student is best student presenter at Siam Physics Congress 2017

Last 24-26 May 2017 three SanD students presented their MS thesis research at the 12th Siam Physics Congress in Rayong, Thailand. The conference is jointly organized by the Thai Physics Society and Kasetsart University. Meliton Chiong III was cited as one of the best student presenters for his talk on a density functional theory study of bonding between carbon dioxide molecules and cobalt salen complexes. Amancio II Manceras presented his research on the advantage of genetic diversity in a Penna model of populations and Jan Fronimarc Villoria discussed his molecular dynamics simulations of the mechanical properties of copper-silver alloys.