SanD grad student attends Non-equilibrium Quantum Physics Workshop @ Stellenbosch

SanD graduate student Francis Bayocboc, Jr. attended the Workshop on Quantum Many-Body Systems Far from Equilibrium held at the National Institute for Theoretical Physics of the Wallenberg Research Centre in Stellenbosch, South Africa last 9-13 March 2015. The workshop consisted of several lectures by leading physicists who investigate the non-equilibrium behavior of isolated quantum systems, with ample opportunities for scientific exchanges between attendees. In the poster session Francis reported his theoretical results on the statistics of work done on quenched Heisenberg magnets.

SanD student is 2015 BPI-DOST Science Awards Finalist

SanD member Xavier Puspus has been selected as one of the eight finalists for the 2015 BPI-DOST Science Awards. His project Quantum Entanglement in a Low-Temperature Superconducting State was shortlisted in the national finals from a pool of 29 projects from ten BPI-DOST partner universities. In the awarding ceremony held at The Mind Museum last 12 March 2015, the Best Project of the Year distinction was awarded to Christian John Capirig (ADDU) who evaluated potential biological control agents against the banana-inflicting Panama disease. The runners-up are Raiza Imperial (UPD) who developed a single-step fabrication process for a superhydrophobic coating, and Alron Jan Lam (DLSU) who developed a smartphone-based indoor navigation algorithm.

International Year of Light 2015

In celebration of the International Year of Light (IYL2015), the National Institute of Physics held a symposium at the NIP Intel Center for Science Innovation auditorium last 9 and 16 March 2015. Speakers and presentors for IlumiNASYON: International Year of Light 2015 came from diverse fields of expertise such as visual and performance arts, film, history, architecture, molecular biology, and physics. SanD faculty Francis Paraan delivered a popular talk on photon entanglement and quantum teleportation.

IlumiNASYON was convened by 2004 International Commission for Optics Gallileo Galilei Awardee Prof. Caesar Saloma.

 IYL 2015 Pilipinas

SanD members attend ICCP9 Conference @ Singapore

SanD PhD candidates Carlos Baldo III and Neris Ilano, SanD alumna Chrysline Margus Piñol, and SanD scientist Cristine Villagonzalo attended the 9th International Conference on Computational Physics (ICCP9) held at the National University of Singapore last 7-11 January 2015. The conference consisted of plenary lectures, mini-symposia, and a poster session. In the parallel session for Multiscale Modeling and Simulations, Chrysline (Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics at UPLB) delivered a presentation on A Stochastic Approach to Particle Diffusion in a Porous Medium (co-authored with Alvin Karlo Tapia). Carlos gave a talk on his PhD research on spin transport in curved wires in the presence of Rashba and Dresselhaus interactions. Finally, Neris participated in the poster session with a research poster on the effects of varying parameters in simulations of Grover's quantum search algorithm.

Noche Buena Project 2014

The Noche Buena Project is one of the components of the Start Again Project, which began as a volunteer effort to rebuild communities after typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. In 2014, Noche Buena volunteers distributed 1500 care packages to ten communities around Leyte. Members of SanD have raised funds during their annual year-end party for several of these care packages. SanD aims to continuously extend its support to the efforts of NIP alumna Kat, who has been leading the Start Again Project since 2013. 

SanD student attends CQD 2014 Summer School @ Okinawa

SanD PhD candidate Neris Ilano participated in a two-week summer school at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) Seaside House from 16 September to 25 September 2014. The theme of the school was Coherent Quantum Dynamics and was attended by 45 graduate students from different countries. She presented her research poster Simulation of Grover's algorithm with spatially-dependent coupling constant in the school's poster session. Neris also attended several lectures delivered by leading scientists that covered fundamental and frontier topics in coherent quantum systems. Furthermore, this summer school was a fruitful avenue that allowed her to exchange scientific ideas with fellow workers in the field of quantum information and algorithms.

SanD members participate in the 2014 AQIS Conference @ Kyoto

SanD graduate students Rona Barbarona and Francis Bayocboc, Jr. attended the 14th Asian Quantum Information Science (AQIS) Conference and presented their research posters in Kyoto last 20-24 August 2014. Rona, who is also a faculty member of the UPLB IMSP, reported non-analyticities in the spin-orbit entanglement entropy of 2D many electron systems at integer filling factors. Meanwhile, Francis demonstrated how an examination of work fluctuations in quantum quenches of an XY Heisenberg magnet can be used to locate its critical lines.

SanD celebrates ICTP@50

SanD and its members have benefited much from the training they received from the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste. SanD was formed in 2003 by Cristine Villagonzalo, who completed the ICTP Diploma Programme in Condensed Matter Physics in 1998. She developed SanD and mentored its students as Program Coordinator from 2003-2013. From 2013, Francis Paraan took over the role of SanD Program Coordinator. He is also an alumnus of the ICTP Diploma Programme in Condensed Matter Physics, graduating in 2008.