Zed Harold Fernandez

Zed obtained his BS Applied Physics degree in 2017 with the support of a DOST-SEI RA 7687 Undergraduate S&T Scholarship. He was also a student assistant for the OVCRD-funded Project No. 141420 PhDIA. For his undergraduate research he used molecular dynamics simulations to evaluate the metallic glass forming ability of a copper-silver alloy. He is now a senior high school physics instructor in Bacolod City.

Nica Jane Ferrer

Nica graduated magna cum laude with a BS Applied Physics degree in 2018. Her work on ballistic thermal transport in graphene junctions was recognized by the College of Science as the Best BS Applied Physics Undergraduate Thesis (Leticia Shahani Award). She was supported by the UPAA of Alberta, UP Presidential, and Angelo King Scholarship grants and worked as a project staffer while a student in SanD. Nica continues her graduate studies under the Condensed Matter Physics Diploma Programme at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics.

Razel Flores Austria

Razel completed the BS Applied Physics program of NIP in 2006. She is currently based in Dubai, where she works for an international government services provider. In the last few years she has played a supervisory role as station master for the Dubai Metro, which is the world's longest fully automated metro network.

Rayda Gammag

Rayda studied the thermodynamics and transport properties of two-dimensional electron systems at low temperatures as a SanD researcher. She was also an NIP instructor and a CHED scholar. She obtained her PhD degree in 2011 and was a post-doctoral fellow at the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics in Pohang, South Korea for three years. Upon her return to the Philippines in 2015 Rayda became a faculty member of the Mapúa Institute of Technology.

Jersey Dianne Ganding

Jersey graduated cum laude from the BS Applied Physics program in 2021. Her research work investigated the critical behavior of magnetic models of varying dimensions. She is now a practicing data engineer and uses her skills to provide organizations with complex data analysis and help them make data-driven decisions.

Lenie Garcia

Lenie got her Bachelor's degree in Applied Physics in 2006. She worked for a digital content services and solutions provider as an analyst of technical and scientific documents. In 2008 she obtained a Certificate in Information Technology (Applications Development) from the UP ITTC (now ITDC). She later moved to Singapore while performing search engine optimization (SEO) tasks for several technology firms. In 2010 she joined a Singaporean retail company in a management position that handles their e-commerce strategies.

Oliver Generalao

Oliver completed the MS Physics program in 2017 with the support of the DOST ASTHRD Program. His graduate research focused on speeding up density functional theory software on unsupported commodity GPU hardware. He obtaind his BS Degree in Physics from MSU-IIT and has had previous work experience in the semiconductor and BPO industries. He is currently a senior high school instructor in San Juan.

Michael Nicholas Go

Mike completed his Bachelor's degree in Applied Physics in 2019. His undergraduate thesis focused on determining higher order periods of solutions to the logistic equation using a Chebyshev spectral decomposition. Mike served the College of Science Student Council for two years as the National Institute of Physics Representative and as a Councilor. During his free time, Mike does photography and plays football. He is currently studying medicine at the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center.

Mary Chris Go

MC received her BS Applied Physics degree in 2020. For her undergraduate research work she used a machine learning algorithm to detect polyps in colonoscopy video frames. This work was cited while she participated in a MOST GASE Summer Program last 2019. She has also interned at the Philippine Genome Center (bioinformatics) and a data science consultancy firm (GIS). She is currently an Erasmus Mundus scholar doing graduate studies on image processing and computer vision problems.

Jacob Gomez

Jacob graduated from the BS Applied Physics program in 2020 as a DOST Merit scholar. For his undergraduate research thesis, he performed molecular dynamics simulations to investigate the break up of colliding clusters of silica dust. Jacob's work on this topic stemmed from his keen interest in astronomy and he has been an active member of the UP Astronomical Society. In 2022 he entered the MS Agrometeorology program of the University of the Philippines Los Baños.

Gene Herman

Gene graduated from the BS Physics program in 2022 cum laude. He studied the efficiency of quantum heat engine that uses a Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick magnet as a working substance for his undergraduate thesis. He is currently a Teaching Associate at the National Institute of Physics, where he is also pursuing an MS Physics degree.

Mary Joyce Hernal

Joyce obtained her MS degree in physics in 2009 studying percolation in different two-dimensional geometries. She worked for STI College Caloocan while completing the MS program and for a few more years thereafter. Since 2013 she has been a full-time lecturer at the Far Eastern University in Manila. She is also a content writer for an educational publishing company.

Stephanie Ibo Batac

Steph obtained her BS Applied Physics degree in 2007. She has worked as a mainframe programmer for a Filipino information technology company that provides integrated services for corporate clients. She now develops applications for the information technology department of a financial services and insurance provider.

Gene Itable

Gene joined SanD in the academic year following his summer internship in 2013. He obtained his MS Physics degree in June 2016 with support from the DOST ASTHRD Program. In his master's thesis Gene investigated the role of disorder in topological insulators, a topic that he intends to explore further in his PhD studies. He has been an instructor at the National Institute of Physics and currently does simulation and modeling work for PHIVOLCS.

Naomi Jane Jacosalem

Naomi was a university RA for SanD in 2008 and she completed the MS program in the same year. Her research in SanD involved numerical studies of the bound and scattering states of particles in various well-in-a-well potentials. After graduation, she joined an information technology services provider in Cebu City. She was later deployed to Yokohama for a few years to develop software applications for a multinational computer technology client. She is now taking her PhD in Physics at the MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology.

Christian Oliver Jaramillo

Oliver obtained his BS degree in Applied Physics in 2006. Shortly after graduation, he joined a development and application support center of a North American retail company as a programmer. He has also worked as a software engineer and analyst for several international management consulting firms and information technology solutions providers. He has since moved to Kuala Lumpur where he has been a senior analyst programmer for a leading Southeast Asian financial and banking company since 2013.

Sarah Johnson

Sarah graduated from the NIP BS Physics program in 2003 and the MS Physics program in 2009. As an undergraduate, she was supported by a DOST-SEI scholarship. While completing her graduate research on migrating particles, she briefly worked as an NIP teaching assistant before joining the faculty of the Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics (DPSM) of UP Manila in 2005. Sarah is now an assistant professor of the DPSM and plays an active role in developing its Bachelor's program in health physics.

Marites Labora

Marites obtained her MS in Physics degree in 2004. She later entered the Diploma Programme of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste. After completing the Diploma Programme in condensed matter physics, she continued her PhD studies at the Universiteit Utrecht in the Netherlands. She has since joined a high-tech equipment manufacturing company as a technical supplier engineer.

Salvador Laurente, Jr.

Salvador (BJ) completed his BS degree in Physics in June 2016. For his undergraduate thesis he computed exact elliptic integral expressions for the average work done in quenched Ising model ground states. In 2015, BJ also worked as a project staffer for the OVPAA-funded Balik PhD research project OVPAA-BPhD-2012-05.

Hilton Lazo

Hilton earned his BS degree in Physics in 2012 and has worked briefly for a Filipino information technology firm. He has later decided to pursue a career in law and entered the UP College of Law in 2013. He passed the Philippine Bar Examination held last November 2018.

Vidal Wyatt Lopez

Wyatt obtained his BS in Applied Physics degree in 2019. His undergraduate thesis used image preprocessing and a machine learning algorithm for the computer vision problem of identifying pneumonia in X-ray images. He later completed the MS Data Science program of the Ateneo de Manila University, where he did research on real-time computer vision applications.


Gerard Antonio Mactal

Gerard finished his BS Physics degree in 2019. During his stay at SanD he modeled the anomalous diffusion of tracer particles on a graphene lattice using random walks and site percolation. He is now starting a career in data science at a financial institution in Makati.

Marc Lesney Maddumba

Marc graduated with a BS Physics degree in 2021. Under the challenging conditions at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, his thesis work involved modeling the effectiveness of a vaccination campaign using a compartmental susceptible-infectious-recovered SIR model. He soon after utilized his computer and analytical skills as a data analyst for a proxy advisory firm.

Amancio II Manceras

Amancio obtained his Bachelor's degree in Physics from MSU-IIT. He joined SanD as a DOST-ASTHRDP scholar and completed the NIP MS Physics program in 2017. His research simulated the effects of generic diversity in populations of individuals with genotypes modeled by bit strings. He is faculty member of the University of Southern Mindanao in North Cotabato.

Ralph Paolo Mandingiado

Ralph obtained his BS Physics degree from NIP in 2006 and a Master's degree in Technology Management from the UP TMC in 2012. He was a network administrator for SanD. He has been involved with editorial services providers writing abstracts and indexing scientific articles. He has also worked for an IT services company and led a team of its technology consultants. Ralph later joined a multilateral development bank as an IT process analyst. He has since continued practicing IT service management as a change manager for a global financial management firm.

Mykhal Mangada

Mykhal received his BS degree in Applied Physics from UP Los Baños in 2014. He continued his studies at the NIP as a DOST ASTHRDP scholar and graduated from the MS Physics program in 2021. He has served SanD in various capacities as a Research Assistant, project staffer, and resident yo-yo champion. His thesis work on machine learning used tensor network-based codes for image classification. He now earns a living as a software developer.

Ronaldo Marco, Jr.

Ron completed the BS Physics program in 2004. His thesis was cited as the most outstanding BS Physics thesis of his graduating batch. He obtained further post-graduate training in network systems IT (UP ITDC) and technology management (UP TMC). Ron has worked for companies that integrate and provide IT system solutions. He is a certified Cisco professional and instructor that has designed and handled customized IT training programs. He now applies his expertise in enterprise and data network infrastructure to manage network engineering and services for a telecommunications company.

Daniel Marquez

Dan graduated from the National Institute of Physics with a Master of Science in Physics degree in 2018. His research involved a theoretical investigation of the role of magnetic orbit to orbit interaction between electrons in a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG). Dan's graduate research and studies were supported by the DOST-SEI ASTHRDP scholarship.

Matthew Medrano

Matthew completed the NIP BS Applied Physics program in 2019. For his undergraduate thesis he calculated the hydrodynamic properties of submersibles used for rapid underwater coral surveying by computational fluid dynamics. In his free time, he performs in gigs around Metro Manila with his band Pinkmen. He also enjoys freediving and exploring the different islands of the Philippines.

Jade Dianne Mendoza

Jade completed her MS Physics degree in 2016. She has presented her research on fluctuations and entanglement in matrix product state representable states at the 13th Asia Pacific Physics Conference in Brisbane. Jade is a faculty member of the Central Luzon State University and her MS studies was supported by the CHEd Faculty Development Program. 

Joselito Muldera

Joselito studied thermoelectric transport in electron gas conductors in different dimensions as a SanD graduate student. He was also a SanD SA and was in charge of its computer systems. After obtaining his MS Physics degree in 2006, he worked for an international technology company that provides illumination and detection solutions to its customers. There he was employed as a design engineer and developed optoelectronic devices. In 2011 Joselito joined the Condensed Matter Physics Laboratory to continue his doctoral research on terahertz spectroscopy. He obtained his physics PhD in 2016.

Dean Von Johari Narag

Von obtained his BS degree in Physics in 2019, graduating with magna cum laude honors. His undergraduate thesis is about simulating 2D materials using density functional theory. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering under the UP Diliman College of Science. When outside the laboratory or free from course work, Von spends his time engaging in sports and recreation.

Chris Nombres

Chris obtained his BS Physics degree in 2004. He studied the Penna model of biological aging using short bit strings and investigated its relationship to the logistic equation and chaos. He is now happily married to a fellow SanD alumna and provides plants with carbon dioxide while also working as a computer programmer.

Claire Ann Nuñez

Claire graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physics in 2007. She is now a professional programmer and for many years has been developing software for several information and computer technology companies. She has been actively involved with projects that deal with web deployment, cloud migration, database management, and network development (user and backend interfaces). Recently, Claire has focused on the development and maintenance of desktop applications, with an eye on developing embedded and mobile apps in the future.

Eric Bryan Obias

Eric obtained his BS Physics degree in 2004. He studied the low energy states of polymers by Monte Carlo methods for his undergraduate thesis. After graduation, he pursued a career in information technology and became a certified Java programmer. Over the years, his programming skills have been tapped by several software outsourcing companies in the Philippines. Eric moved to Singapore in 2007 and works for the investment banking division of a Swiss global bank as a Java developer and systems analyst.

Mario Antonio Ongkiko

Mario finished his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics with magna cum laude distinction in 2019. For his undergraduate research he studied the electronic structure of adsorbed greenhouse gas molecules on graphene surfaces by density functional theory. He later obtained an MS Physics degree from the University of Warwick (2021) and is currently a PhD student at the University of Birmingham under the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Topological Design.


Zheina Ottong

Zheina completed her BS Applied Physics degree in 2018. Her undergraduate research was on computational modeling of the radiation-induced bystander effect using Monte Carlo methods. In 2019 she entered the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology School of Earth Science and Environmental Engineering as an MS student. When not learning new languages (human and computer), she is outdoors photographing nature or diving in deep water.

Earl Angelo Panganiban

Earl graduated from the BS Applied Physics program in 2010. He later obtained a Certificate in Information Technology (Mobile and Embedded Systems) from the UP ITTC (now ITDC). He works for a global energy company where he developed SharePoint architecture for its business applications. He was also briefly deployed to the US as a lead developer for a multisite SharePoint stack standardization initiative. Earl was later assigned to his firm's JDE projects team, which provides consulting and support services for the management of enterprise assets.

Ricelle Parinas

Ricelle obtained her degree in BS Physics in 2005. Shortly after graduation, she worked for various customer management firms as a service officer and technical support supervisor. In 2008 she moved to Singapore and worked for a regional financial and banking services company. Ricelle has since been appointed as a business analyst for this firm and leads technology and process improvement initiatives within its customer center. Her expertise in business analysis was recognized in 2014 through a CCBA certification by the IIBA.

Lean Peria

Lean finished his BS Physics degree in 2018. His undergraduate thesis on density functional theory focused on the computation of the piezomagnetic constants of some antiperovskite crystals using the Quantum ESPRESSO package. He is an active member of the UP Concert Chorus and has performed with them on international tours.